Welcome to SUS Peer Tutoring!

 SUS Peer Tutoring is a 100% free, volunteer-based tutoring service. This program relies on gracious volunteers to tutor students that sign up with us. You can be sure of your tutor's skill, as they have achieved at least an A- in the course they are tutoring! In addition to matching tutor and tutee, we also organize group tutorials and review sessions. All you need to do is fill out a quick form and you'll be matched up as soon as possible. Hurry though, tutors run out quickly! Please direct all questions to peertutors@sus.mcgill.ca

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Why SUS Peer Tutoring?

Reasons to be a Tutor Reasons to be a Tutee
  1. Med School. Well actually, it looks amazing on any CV. Volunteering your time to help students for the duration of a semester or more shows that you are kind enough to help others, committed enough to maintain a weekly volunteer position, and intelligent enough to help your fellow students excel! Basically, fodder for your interviews!
  2. It's a perfect chance to get involved! Little do most students know, there's more to McGill than going (or not) to lectures. Expose yourself by getting to know some of the SUS's programs and the people involved, and you'll inevitable be on your way to a more fulfilling experience at McGill.
  3. You get to meet new people! No explanation required. Expand your social sphere!
  4. Reviewing material will consolidate your understanding of whatever you tutor. Chances are, the subjects you are taking currently will require knowledge of what you've done previously.
  5. If you plan to take the MCATs, the material is almost identical to the first two years of Science at McGill. This is an amazing way to prepare for them!
  6. It's good karma.
  7. In the end, you will have someone who is extremely grateful for your help and guidance. We all know how tough McGill can be (McGill Science that is). Please help those that are struggling.
 In order to sign up as a tutor, you must have completed the course at McGill and achieved a grade of A- or better. Sorry, we do not accept equivalents in CEGEP, IB, or AP.
  1. It's FREE! Save your cash for those rare nights out!
  2. Those rare nights out will be less rare if you can study more effectively!
  3. The tutors that volunteer have already taken the course they tutor, and have gotten at least an A-! That means they'll have great tips for the midterms, exams, assignments, and studying in general!
  4. Just because you're in first or second year, doesn't mean the courses you take count any less towards your CGPA than a fourth year 600 level course! TAKE OUR ADVICE, ace those first/second year courses while you still can!!!
  5. We offer tutoring in any course that we have a tutor for! Some examples include:
    • Math 133
    • Math 140/141
    • Math 150/151
    • Physics 101/102
    • Chem 110/120
    • Bio 111/112
    • Math 222
    • Chem 212/222
    • Chem 203/204
    • Bio 200
    • Phgy 209
    • Comp 202/250
    • and more!
 To become a tutor or tutee, just click on the appropriate link above. The form takes no more than two minutes to fill out! Once we've matched you with your appropriate other, we'll contact you.
 Due to the high demand for this free/amazing service, sign up is restricted to a maximum of TWO courses.